Cookies Policy

The site may use a technology called “cookies”. Cookies are small text files that contain information stored on your computer by the web page you visit. They are used to provide extra functionality to the site and help us analyze the use of the site. There are two types of cookies:

Persistent cookies: This type of cookie is used to “remember” information, such as cookies. your username and password, and it is stored for a specified period of time or on your computer as long as you do not decide to “log out” of this subscription. If you do not use the “Do not ask for my username and password in the future” feature, these cookies will never be stored on your computer.

Session cookie: This type of cookie is used for example to keep track of the language you have chosen on the website. While visiting a site, such cookies are temporarily stored in the memory of your computer. A session cookie is not stored on your computer for a long time, and it usually disappears when you close the web browser. By using these cookies, GARDENA casuals hopes to better target relevant information to our visitors.

We categorize our cookies by:

  • Functionality: Ensures basic functionality of the site, remember e.g. the contents of your wish list
  • Performance: Measures the performance of our sites to enable technical and design optimization
  • Advertising: Measures the effectiveness of our advertising and targets advertising and campaigns
  • Social sharing: Allows sharing to social networks
  • Sociale Media: Detects behavior on social media and in browsers.

In addition, GARDENA casuals uses Google Analytics cookies that record website traffic to identify certain demographic information for marketing purposes. Users remain anonymous to NJORDIC, which receives selected vendor information to help target marketing activities more effectively. Client ID anonymously identifies visitors between multiple sessions and is stored for 26 months before being deleted.

If you do not want to accept GARDENA casuals’ use of cookies, in most browsers you can configure the browser to reject cookies by changing your browser settings. However, this may limit the functionality and your site’s performance.


Cookie names Type of cookie First or Third party Can be blocked Session or Persistent Expiry Time Purpose

Latest update 16/09/2019.